WPA Independent Education Welfare Service

"Excellent support ! The WPA EWO has been a fantastic asset to the school. WPA have managed to turn around our attendance"

Education Welfare Services

WPA Education Welfare service provides you with a dedicated Education Welfare Officer (EWO) for an agreed number of days. The EWO will be school based for that time and work with you to offer the following services:



  • Meet with parents at the school to discuss attendance concerns
  • Visit parents at their home address who fail to engage with the EWO
  • Carry out home visits to investigate safeguarding concerns
  • Meet regularly with school staff to review attendance and for timely referrals to be made to the EWO
  • Provide advice and guidance on the school's attendance processes and share good practice
  • Support the school in identifying the attendance of their vulnerable groups and recommending actions for improvements
  • Refer to social care and other agencies when necessary
  • Attend Child Protection Conferences, Team Around Family/Child meetings and Core Group meetings for cases open to the EWO
  • Provide half termly reports to the school summarising attendance data and EWO casework
  • Attend Ofsted inspections if required
  • Provide strategic support to Attendance Lead/Senior Leadership Team
  • Meet with a member of SLT half termly to review service
  • Issue Penalty Notice Warnings and action Penalty Notices in line with the Local Authority protocol
  • Complete documentation for cases to be progressed to the Local Authority for legal proceedings
  • Provide parenting and welfare support
  • Liaise with appropriate staff regarding child protection issues
  • Additional support through:
  • Allocated School Manager
  • Termly newsletter
  • Access to WPA Attendance Network Meetings
  • Access to training opportunities
  • Email and telephone support 5 days a week, including during school holidays



"The experience, knowledge and excellent quality of service of our provider WPA Education Welfare Services have enabled us to raise attendance from already high levels. Our Education Welfare Officer has not only worked in partnership with us to develop effective systems to manage and improve attendance but has also built good relationships with our staff and families. Communications between the EWO and the school are excellent whether verbally, in emails or in the half termly Attendance Reports which both governors, senior leaders and myself find very useful for evaluating the attendance."


Bullers Wood School



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In addition to undertaking all recognised statutory education welfare services responsibilities we also offer:


  • Training for Attendance Officers
  • Training for Attendance Leads
  • Training on legislation (including the Pupil Attendance Regulations, the Children Act and the Education Acts) together with good practice
  • Development of related policies
  • Analysing Registration Systems
  • Staff Inset & Twilight Training to develop whole school approach to attendance
  • Support and Advisory Service to Attendance officers
  • Pre Ofsted evaluations
  • Post Ofsted support
  • Attendance Audits
  • Safeguarding training


For further details and a free consultation please

email us or call us on 0208 462 2716 / 01689 843322.