WPA Independent Education Welfare Service

"Attendance at the Academy has shown a significant improvement in the past 9 months and this is largely down to the fantastic work of WPA"

Family Liaison Officers

Our Early Intervention Team have available Family Liaison Officers who will carry out the following services for your Academy / School ;


  • Act as a point of contact in Academy/School for families in need of support.
  • Identify signposting for families and refer for support when appropriate.
  • Liaise professionally with external agencies such as Housing, MASH Team, Children's Centres, Social Care and the Early Intervention Team.
  • Complete Common Assessment Forms (e-CAF) with families in order to assist them in seeking the most appropriate support.
  • Complete MASH referrals.
  • Build effective relationships with families.
  • Maintain regular contact with families of children receiving support to encourage positive family involvement in the child's learning.
  • Ensure information is forwarded to the Safeguarding and Child Protection Lead as appropriate and assist with referrals where required.
  • Maintain record keeping in accordance with ICO and the policies and procedures in place in Academy/School,
  • Support the Senior Leaders & Education Welfare Officer in identifying possible under attainment and underachievement linked to poor attendance or other barriers external or internal.


For further details and a free consultation please email us or telephone 0208 462 2716 / 01689 843322.



"We have been so impressed with the quality of service we receive through WPA. Having a dedicated EWO has had a positive impact on our attendance. The reports that WPA produce are excellent for informing Governors and other stakeholders.


WPA Early Intervention and Parent Worker has worked with us to support parents and families for the last four terms and we have really seen the impact of her time and guidance for the families that she has been involved with.


The support has covered a whole range of aspects including:

- Parental separation

- Financial difficulty

- Challenges that an adoptive family were facing

- Restorative work to improve the relationship between parents and their children

- Signposting parents to appropriate external agencies

- Completing Early Help Assessments


She has consistently liaised with the school to keep up informed of challenges, positive steps, changes to the family situation, and to check on how the children are presenting in class. She has worked with the families in a flexible manner to meet the family's needs, sometimes just with the parents, either face-to-face or over the phone, sometimes with the family together, sometimes with the parents and children separately. This has personalised the support to each family and made each family feel comfortable.


The work that WPA has done has been very positive and it made us realise the importance of this kind of family support work. "


Woodcote Primary School



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