WPA Independent Education Welfare Service

"Since using WPA Education Welfare Services we have seen a marked reduction in persistent absence and an increase in overall attendance. Our EWO provides us with regular weekly reports and her written termly report is a particularly useful tool in providing evidence for Governors and Ofsted."

WPA Education Welfare Services Testimonials

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"WPA have helped to transform attendance procedures at our schools. The tenacity, rigour and no-nonsense approach have proven effective in improving attendance with not only those hard to reach parents but also these parents who can do not see school attendance as a priority for their children. We have an excellent working relationship with our EWO who provides regular reports, updates and procedural guidance to our Senior Management Team. The EWO's calm and professional approach with parents enables effective partnerships to be formed and we feel positive about the future. "


The Kemnal Academy Trust (TKAT)


"I really cannot praise WPA Educational Welfare Services highly enough. Their outstanding support continues to make a real difference to the lives of so many children and their families."


Step Academy Trust


"WPA Education Welfare Service is a highly professional company, delivering outstanding excellent and knowledgeable service. Having a dedicated EWO has had a positive impact on our already high attendance, enabling us to aim even higher. Our EWO has worked in partnership with us to improve our systems and has built good relationships with our staff and families, especially those parents who do not see school attendance as a priority for their children. The termly Attendance Reports are invaluable for the Governing Board and Headteacher to enable them to evaluate our overall attendance. We would not hesitate in recommending WPA to schools as their service provider"


Downsview Primary & Nursery School


"The service that WPA has provided has far outstripped the previous provision that we had in place. The attention to detail, the tenacity but most importantly the care with which they have approached each individual student has made them a pleasure to work with. I recommend them without hesitation."


Harris Academy Battersea


"We have been really pleased with the impact of WPA's work on attendance. This impact is seen on the overall attendance figures and in the improvement for particular individuals. WPA are professional, approachable and determined to help us ensure attendance is as good as it can be and keeps improving."


Hilltop Primary School


"The experience, knowledge and excellent quality of service of our provider WPA Education Welfare Services have enabled us to raise attendance from already high levels. Our Education Welfare Officer has not only worked in partnership with us to develop effective systems to manage and improve attendance but has also built good relationships with our staff and families. Communications between the EWO and the school are excellent whether verbally, in emails or in the half termly Attendance Reports which both governors, senior leaders and myself find very useful for evaluating the attendance."


Bullers Wood School


"WPA have transformed attendance from very low levels in the predecessor school to very high levels at the Academy. Their high levels of expertise and proactive work with families are an integral part of our pastoral care for students. We are proud that our attendance is now above 95% and committed to the excellent partnership with WPA that has brought this about. "


Quest Academy


"We have been very pleased with the service we have received from WPA and would highly recommend them to others. Our EWO has worked tirelessly to support us in improving attendance and we are very much committed to our partnership with WPA. Communication between WPA and the school has always been professional and we have been very impressed with their attention to detail."


Bishop Justus C of E School


"We have an excellent relationship with our Education Welfare Provider, WPA Education Welfare Services. Our EWO is very experienced and efficient. The service is very well managed, with constructive and productive meetings held with our parents/carers. Overall the presence of WPA EWO is extremely positive with regard to the welfare of our families".


Balgowan Primary School


"WPA started working with us over five years ago to improve our school's attendance. Prior to WPA, the service we had been receiving did not meet our school's needs.


WPA has been a breath of fresh air. The ethos of the company and staff alike mirror those of our school. We have worked very closely to improve the school attendance. The staff are reliable, professional and able to advise the school on all legal aspects surrounding attendance.


Our attendance has increased especially our persistent non-attenders and term time holiday takers. This was something we had previously struggled with. We would highly recommend WPA."


Kingsley Primary School


"WPA have helped Green Street Primary maintain a good level attendance and support families in making everyday of learning count. I would recommend their excellent bespoke service."


Green Street Green Primary School , South Orpington Learning Alliance


"Overall attendance across the school and in individual classes has increased significantly in just one year. PA is also down and the number of families taking holiday leave at the beginning of September 2015 is significantly reduced against the same time in the previous year. We are very pleased with all aspects of the service provided by WPA, and by our EWO, in particular.


Our EWO is a true professional and an asset to your business."


Darrick Wood Junior School


"We have been so impressed with the quality of service we receive through WPA. Having a dedicated EWO has had a positive impact on our attendance. The reports that WPA produce are excellent for informing Governors and other stakeholders.


WPA Early Intervention and Parent Worker has worked with us to support parents and families for the last four terms and we have really seen the impact of her time and guidance for the families that she has been involved with.


The support has covered a whole range of aspects including:

- Parental separation

- Financial difficulty

- Challenges that an adoptive family were facing

- Restorative work to improve the relationship between parents and their children

- Signposting parents to appropriate external agencies

- Completing Early Help Assessments


She has consistently liaised with the school to keep up informed of challenges, positive steps, changes to the family situation, and to check on how the children are presenting in class. She has worked with the families in a flexible manner to meet the family's needs, sometimes just with the parents, either face-to-face or over the phone, sometimes with the family together, sometimes with the parents and children separately. This has personalised the support to each family and made each family feel comfortable.


The work that WPA has done has been very positive and it made us realise the importance of this kind of family support work. "


Woodcote Primary School


"Attendance at the Academy has shown a significant improvement in the past 9 months and this is largely down to the fantastic work of WPA. We all know that one of the key factors in turning around a school is seeing attendance improve, if they are not here, they cannot progress. I would highly recommend WPA to any school"


The Hathaway Academy


"We are extremely pleased with the valuable service provided through our current WPA EWO who has provided outstanding support in enabling us to improve on our already excellent attendance.


Our EWO has built reliable and professional relationships with both staff and parents/carers and is an excellent communicator. Her proactive ethos has helped us improve the attendance of many of our students, helping reduce our PA figures and we look forward to extending this partnership into the future."


Rosebery School


"Nothing is more important to me than ensuring that all children at The Crescent Primary School are accessing the best learning possible and they cannot do that if they are not at school!


It is great to have the high standards of professional knowledge and expertise in school on a regular basis working with us to make sure that our children are in school. I am so pleased with WPA Education Welfare that I recommend their services to colleagues whenever I can. "


The Crescent Primary School


"We are very satisfied with WPA who provide a reliable, high quality service. The staff have a professional positive approach and are able to advise on all aspects surrounding school attendance."


Cheam High School


'WPA have been working with The Ebbsfleet Academy since January 2014. Already, we are seeing a noticeable improvement in the attendance of the students who have been referred to our WPA Education Welfare Officer.


We have been impressed by his proactive, professional and 'no excuses' approach.'


The Ebbsfleet Academy


''Since using WPA Education Welfare Services we have seen a marked reduction in persistent absence and an increase in overall attendance. Our EWO provides us with regular weekly reports and her written termly report is a particularly useful tool in providing evidence for Governors and Ofsted."


Danetree Junior School


"We have been really impressed with WPA who have supported and challenged us to improve our attendance from already very high levels. Our Education Welfare Officer has engaged pro actively with our parents and students and worked closely with key staff in school.


We have seen improvements in our attendance and expect further improvements this year."


Hayes School


'"Fabulous support in raising the schools attendance"


Gilbert Scott Primary School


"WPA have proved to be an invaluable service to our school community over the last few years. Our Tutors, Year Co-ordinators and Attendance Officer are well supported by WPA both in identifying causes for concern regarding attendance and in offering support plans to parents and pupils in order to improve attendance.


The school celebrates good attendance every term and it is proving to be an ever increasing challenge to get into the top 200 for the prizedraw! Outstanding level of service. Swift response to inquiries and a friendly and professional service"


The Archbishop Lanfranc Academy


WPA are a professional organisation providing an efficient service that meets our schools needs and have provided:

* Positive relationships established with both school and parents.

* Positive impact on all open cases.


Limetree Primary School


"This service has been absolutely brilliant!


Since using this service, we have seen a marked increase in attendance, and have also been able to track students who are out of school for any reason more effectively, and give greater support. Even better, there is a knock-on effect year by year, so the longer we are with the service, the more our attendance has improved.


I cannot recommend WPA Educational Welfare Services too highly."


Norbury Manor Business & Enterprise College


''If we were to grade WPA Education Welfare Service to an ofsted inspection they would be graded as outstanding."


Wolsey Infant School


"Rowdown has very challenging attendance issues which require a robust and consistent system in place in order to achieve success. WPA has provided the school with these qualities but additionally it is a service that is responsive to specific issues. The staff at WPA are professional, hard working, reliable and friendly.


I would highly recommend this service to any school! "


Rowdown Primary School


"Elmwood has worked with WPA for 7 years. It has been a positive and very professional partnership. WPA has not only provided advice on attendance but has also provided welfare support for some of our most vulnerable families. This has had a tremendous impact of the families involved: parents have become more confident because they have had someone to talk to: they have had a caring someone to point them in the right direction and their welfare issues have been resolved! This in turn has had appositive impact on their children's attendance."


Elmwood Infants School


"Working with WPA has meant that the attendance has gone from being atrocious in the predecessor school to exceeding the national average by being above 95% in our Academy."


Harris Academy Falconwood


"Very good reliable and friendly service. Working alongside the school to continue to ensure the high attendance standards we seek are maintained."


The Crescent Primary School


"The experience and knowledge and excellent quality of service of our Education Provider WPA Education Welfare Services has enabled us to raise attendance levels.


Our EWO has not only worked in partnership with us to develop effective systems to manage and improve attendance but has also built good relationships with our staff and families.


Communication between the EWO and the school is excellent whether verbally, in emails or in the half termly summative Attendance Reports which both governors, senior leaders and myself find very useful for evaluating the attendance."


Pickhurst Infant Academy


"WPA has worked with Wallington County Grammar, the company were highly recommended by a local school that have always used their service. We found our EWO to be really approachable and the impact on our overall figures and attendance statistics to be very positive.


We have no reservation in speaking to anyone interested in knowing more about WPA."


Wallington County Grammar


"With increasing involvement of safeguarding personnel in attendance. WPA has provided an excellent joined up service. Advice received about developing our approach to attendance improvement as the school grows has been invaluable."


Kingsley Primary school


"We have been extremely pleased by the standard of service that WPA has delivered and their support has helped us to maintain our already outstanding attendance. The thorough and determined work of our EWO, has really helped improve the attendance of many of our students. We look forward to continuing our partnership in the future."


Riddlesdown Collegiate


"Excellent support! EWO has been a fantastic asset to the school. They have managed to turn around our attendance which has been a tough job!"


Thomas's Academy


"WPA has made a massive difference to our attendance. They are organised, efficient and get things done! Our EWO works extremely well with the School Attendance Coordinator and there is excellent communication between them. Whilst our EWO is always polite and professional with offending parents they know they mean business! Thank you."


Fairchildes Primary Academy


"Attendance has improved year on year since working with WPA. The service and advice is always at an acceptable high standard."


The Beacon School


"Very good service provided to us in the first year of opening. Has really helped our knowledge and enabled us to efficiently review and monitor attendance."


La Fontaine Academy


"Attendance has risen and our PA has dropped!"


Kensington Avenue Primary School


"Our EWO is excellent very approachable and knowledgeable. Regular visits are very supportive to our Attendance Officer and helping to improve overall school attendance."


Danetree Primary School


"The work completed is a high standard and there has been noticeable improvement on moving difficult cases."


The Hathaway Academy


"WPA EWO is excellent!"


Midfield Primary Academy


"WPA has consistently improved attendance year on year since we opened in 2010."


The Quest Academy


"I am extremely pleased with the company's advice and support in improving our attendance figures. They have worked tirelessly to help our school to develop long-term impact as well as short time shifts. Both students and parents have responded very positively to our Education Welfare Officers. I am so pleased with the improvements they have helped us to make in just over a year. Thank you."


Thomas More Catholic School


WPA Education Welfare - Business of the Year Finalist